8 thoughts on “BookTube: Literary Picnic

  1. Virginia Woolf, Paul Morley, Dorothy L. Sayers, Italo Calvino, Georges Perece – but it would be a different selection in an hour’s time. And Plath would be hard to leave out. But always Woolf….!

  2. I guessed four of them so I I’ve been reading your blog a while haha. Your picnic would certainly be nice. I’d like Thurber, Bradbury, Poe, Dahl and Wilde to be in mine. My love of short stories certainly shines through. Kaggy makes a great suggestion with Dorothy L Sayers. Choosing between her and Dorothy Parker would be near impossible.

  3. Hi Kirsty! If I had a literary picnic I would invite Jane Austen, George Elliot, Charlotte Bronte, Edith Wharton and Charles Dickens. It would probably be a tea party instead of a picnic.

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