TBR Announcement

Like many readers and bloggers, I had rather an out of control to-read shelf (technically, due to the sheer number of books which were unread, the total ran to three double stacked shelves) this time last year. The rough total of books which I had bought or received as gifts and had not yet read was somewhere around the 150 mark. Since then, I have focused upon reading more books than I am purchasing, and when discounting my library books and three travel guides, I am thrilled to announce that my to-read shelf currently stands at only 13 books. For me, a self-confessed book buyer of manic proportions, this is quite an amazing total. I would go as far to say that it is actually at the lowest level it has been since I was a toddler. How is everyone else getting on with their to-read piles? How many books does yours consist of?

6 thoughts on “TBR Announcement

  1. I have about 15 that are from publishers, so they are at the top of the list, and then there all the other unread books on my shelves that I bought over the years – no idea how many! Must be at least 50 or maybe 100. Too many!

  2. I am slowly whittling away at mine but still there would probably be around 80 or more – I need to do a count. Getting it down to 13 is awesome Kirsty – must be time to buy some more books!

    • Hehe, thank you! Your total is getting more and more manageable too, which is brilliant. I did buy a few at the weekend, but I’ve been good and put them up for my birthday.

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