Flash Reviews: Short Stories (19th June 2014)

‘Don’t Look Now and Other Stories’

Don’t Look Now and Other Stories by Daphne du Maurier ****
1. I love du Maurier’s writing, and was so excited about reading another of her short story collections.  This is a relatively thick tome, which is comprised of just five stories, many of which are almost novella length.
2. Julie Myerson’s introduction is fabulous, and suits the book perfectly.  I loved reading about her experiences with du Maurier’s work.
3. Each tale here is dark and grotesque, and they are very memorable in their entirety.  The collection is both enjoyable and thought-provoking.

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Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro ****
1. It comes as no surprise that I adore Alice Munro’s short stories.  She writes with such clarity and beauty.
2. I found, when I began to read Too Much Happiness, that I had come across the majority of the tales both in Selected Stories and Lying Under the Apple Tree.  The first new-to-me story was on page 138.  Even though much of the book was a re-read, new and surprising elements can always be found in her work, whether you are visiting the tales for the second time, or the tenth.
3. Too Much Happiness is such a strong collection, and I would urge everyone who likes short stories – or even those who simply want to start reading them – to go out and procure a copy.

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