I adore novellas, but definitely see far less reviews for tomes which fit within the given page limit than I do of novels.  Therefore, I wan to pose a few questions to you, dear readers, about the novella.


One of my favourite novellas

  1. Which are your favourite novellas, and which did you read most recently?
  2. Do you actively seek out novellas, or do you prefer the short story or fuller novel?
  3. If you could recommend just one novella to a newcomer to the form, which would it be, and why?
  4. Which is the next novella that you hope to read?


I’m going to be making a Q&A video on BookTube in the next couple of weeks, and would love some questions to answer from readers of the blog. Questions don’t have to be bookish, and if you have anything you’d like to ask me, please just comment below.