Marzie’s Novella Series: ‘Lady Susan’ by Jane Austen

From the manuscript of ‘Lady Susan’

Jane Austen was in inspired by Les Liaisons Dangereuses in her concept for this epistolary novella. Lady Susan may have begun as an innocent in scandal, but she progresses to being no lady in any sense. She is cunning and seduces at any chance to further her position in life.

Austen is at her caustic best in this, and one can image her disapproving eye regarding her character. The entanglements that arise are comical and loaded with Austen’s dry wit. This was written at an early age, one of many stories she wrote to read aloud to entertain her family. This is an essential addition to a Jane Austen completist. Re-print by Hesperus Classics novellas.

Rating: 4 stars

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