Selecting Holiday Reads

I am sure that everyone has a slightly different approach when it comes to selecting books to jet off with, but with summer just around the corner, I thought that I would create a little guide as to how I personally make my selections.


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Firstly, whether I am going on a city break or a more extended holiday, I always take my Kindle with me.  I know, I know – digital books will never compare to real books, but hear me out.  The amount of books which you can travel with is astonishing, particularly if you compare it to the case room and weight of taking the equivalent paperbacks – or worse, hardbacks!  I rarely purchase books for my device, but it is perpetually stocked with a wealth of free classics which I have the best of intentions to read (but which are inevitably still waiting for me to open the files…).  I find it useful to create a folder, creatively entitled ‘Holiday’, and to select a few books which I have sufficient interest in to try whilst I’m away.  I occasionally find myself beginning one of these and then moving onto something else before I even reach the 10% mark, but at least I have the option of beginning something new.

I will always carry at least one physical book with me too, if not two of them.  These I tend to put in my hand luggage rather than my suitcase, so that I have a choice as soon as I wiggle them out of my bag into the squashed legroom area on the plane.  If going on a busy city break, I find that a short story collection suits perfectly; I can read a chunk of it on the journey, and then a story or two whenever I grab a chance (usually when I’m supposed to be getting to ready to go out in the evening, I admit).  I also like to take a novel with me, and generally select one of the longest ones on my shelf, which I have inevitably been putting off beginning for a year or two.  If I’m going on a longer holiday, and therefore have more room in my luggage for reading material, I will take two or three long novels with me (how else do you think I got through Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies last year?).  I’m not one of those people who reverts to chick lit whilst on holiday, and like to make sure that the works I have with me are still intellectually stimulating.

Those are my ways of selecting holiday books which I can be satisfied with whilst I’m away.  Do you have any tips which you’d like to share?  If you are lucky enough to be going on holiday this year, which literary delights are you planning to take with you?