April: Neglected Women Writers’ Month

I wanted to come up with a new showcase for the blog; something which I could focus upon, which was coherent, informative, and useful, but which didn’t take up chunks of the valuable time which I have in order to write essays, attend lectures, and the like.  I have come up with the idea of showcasing many women writers, all of whom I feel are neglected to some degree.  Some of them you will have heard of, particularly if you peruse the Virago and Persephone lists, but some are new even to me.


‘L’oiseau Volage’ by George Barbier (1914)

April, therefore, is going to be Neglected Women Writers’ Month here at The Literary Sisters.  I will be profiling a different author each day, and including her bibliography, quotes from her work, and any other snippets of interest which I can find.  I am aiming to read books by each of the authors and blog about them in future, but I sadly haven’t had chance to read works by all of the showcased women thus far.  The project has been largely inspired by Nicola Beaumont’s A Very Great Profession: The Women’s Novel 1914-39, which I would highly recommend.

I hope you are as excited as I am for this project!