December: A Month of Favourites

I truly love all of the months of the year and the diversities which they have to offer, but December is something special.  Christmas comes our way, of course, but I also love the hygge atmosphere, seeing friends and family, all of the wonderful food, and things like Christmas markets and snow.

This year has been a particularly busy one, what with progressing to the second year of my PhD, and so I’ve decided that I want to take as much of a break as is possible during December.  I hope you, dear readers, can understand that with my studies, I haven’t had as much time as previously to write and schedule posts, and although I’ve still been reading a lot, many of my reviews have tended to be only a paragraph or two long this year.

I have therefore decided that during December, I will be scheduling a month of reviews of favourite books of mine.  A couple of them will be new, but others will be taken from my (somehow surprisingly vast) review archives.  I hope you enjoy reading – or rereading – them, and that your interest is piqued in a tome or two!


December Playlist

We hope you enjoy this winter-themed playlist!

1. Mountain Sound – Of Monsters and Men
2. There’s a Certain Slant of Light – Great Wilderness
3. Bear Foot in the Snow – Bears on Parade
4. Come Winter – Daphne Loves Derby5. I’m Just Going to Go Home and Not Make Any Progress – Tyler Daniel Bean
6. Winter: Hibernation – Dave McPherson
7. Building Snowmen – Vestbo Trio
8. Winter Winds – Mumford & Sons
9. Winter’s Coming – The Narrative
10. If Winter Ends – Bright Eyes
11. Snowed Under – Keane
12. Sleep in the Snow – Yellowcard