Kirsty’s Books: Best of 2013 (Day Five: Short Stories and Anthologies)

This is rather an odd category, but I had a lot of overspill from my favourites list and felt that short stories and anthologies and collections deserved a space of their own.  Both genres seem to be a little overlooked by many readers, which is sad, I feel.

‘Children on Their Birthdays’ by Truman Capote

Short Stories:

‘Not the End of the World’ by Kate Atkinson (re-read)
‘The Garden Party and Other Stories’ by Katherine Mansfield (re-read)
‘Children on Their Birthdays’ by Truman Capote
‘The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Volume 1’ by Joseph Gordon Levitt (re-read),

Anthologies and Collections:
‘The Joy of Eating: The Virago Book of Food’, edited by Joy Foulston
‘The Penguin Book of Classical Myths’ by Jenny March