Restructuring the Blog

Since opening The Literary Sisters just over five years ago, I have been able to pride myself on the amount of regular posts which I have scheduled ahead of time.  Yes, the odd one – particularly of late, during busy student periods – has been an archived post which I have chosen to recycle, but I like to ensure that there is enough fresh content being posted here, as far as is possible.

At present, I upload a book review, or other bookish content on occasion, every weekday, plus more relaxed weekend posts; at present, these consist of a Saturday quote and a Sunday song, just to break up the content a little, and make it slightly easier on the eyes when scrolling.

However, it has become necessary to think about the sustainability of my blogging here.  Whilst I am adamant that I will never close this blog, and will always be able to create new content, from this point onwards I have little choice but to schedule fewer posts.  I am in the last couple of months of my thesis (eek!), and a lot of time needs to be dedicated to the last of my studies during this period.  I also have a couple of trips planned in September and October, and will (hopefully) be joining the world of work soon afterwards.  Add into the mix the fact that my boyfriend and I are moving back to England next year, and this makes for quite a busy schedule!

Whilst I will still endeavour to read as much as I can, there is no feasible way in which I will be able to do so at the pace which I have been enjoying during my student life.  I will not have as much time for blogging either.  I do not want to compromise the quality of my posts, or of my book reviews, and so limiting the frequency of posts seemed like the only sensible option to adopt.

I have thus devised a slightly reduced schedule for The Literary Sisters going forward (just like the train service of late here in the United Kingdom…).  There will still be new content by way of reviews, book lists, and the like, but instead of posting something every weekday, I will now be posting only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, effective immediately.

Blogging is such a joyful thing, providing an escape from academic work, but still making me feel as though I’m achieving something.  I have come across and interacted with such a wonderful array of fellow readers during my time here, and blogging is something which I never want to lose.  Thanks so much for your understanding, and your ongoing support of The Literary Sisters.

– Kirsty


Happy Birthday, Blog!

I have just been notified that I opened The Literary Sisters two years ago today.  The time has flown, and I am so pleased that I have stuck with it, spoken to so many wonderful bloggers, and that I now have the opportunity to share this space with the wonderful Akylina.

Thanks so everyone who has supported us thus far, and here is to many more years of The Literary Sisters!


Announcement: Moving Forwards with Blogging

As I am sure many of you know by now, I am heading back to University in September to study for a Master’s degree.  I have been told that my course will be both enjoyable and intense, and I am envisioning that my work (and socialising with new friends and old) will take up a large portion of my time.  Add to this an already busy summer and a current lapse (almost a slump, let’s be truthful) in my personal reading, and you will, I am sure, be able to forgive me if there aren’t quite as many freshly authored posts here as I would like there to be for the foreseeable.  I am still working on new content, and will be making as many BookTube videos as I can.  However, my studies really have to take priority, so please expect that there will be a few more recycled posts around until I have the time to sit down and work on some new posts.

I am still working on my 20 Books of Summer list, and my Classics Club list, but I am unsure as to whether I will be able to write full reviews of many of the books which I am planning to get through in the next few months.  Time will tell, I suppose!

Thanks so much for your understanding!