Neglected Women Writers’ Month: The Extras

Since I found scheduling posts for my original Neglected Women Writers’ Month in April of this year so fascinating, I thought that I would extend the project and make August the second month in which I focus on overlooked or neglected female authors.  Whilst I have rather a long list of women who fit the bill beside me, I can draw up very little information on any of them, aside from sparse biographical details and the odd bibliography.  I thought that this would make for rather a dull month of blogging, both for myself and for you, my lovely readers, so I have compiled a little list of the women whom I did not have the space to fit into the original posts during April.  If I know of any of their books, I will, of course, write their titles beside the author.

  • Marjorie Alan (Masked Murder, a crime novel), Alice Maud Allen (Silhouette), Verily Anderson (Spam Tomorrow), Alice Askew (Nurse), J.O. Arnold (Megan of the Dark Isle and The Merlewood Mystery)


    Julia Birley

  • Joy Baines (Wife to Hugo and Seventh Sin), Kitty Barre (Visitors from London), Pamela Barrington (Cage Without Bars), Elizabeth BerridgeChristabel Bielenberg, Julia Birley, Elizabeth Bonham, Nina Boyce, Beatrice Curtis Brown, J.E. Buckrose
  • E.M. ChannonHester ChapmanMarchette ChuteMolly Clavering, Joan CogginH.H. ColvilleDorothy Cowlin, Mary Crosbie
  • Lucy DaleEdith DartEilis DillonValentine DobreKatherine Dunning
  • Helen EdmistonJosephine ElderMargaret Erskine
  • Elizabeth Fagan, Kathleen FarrettFrances

    Theodora Fitzgibbon

    FaviellSheila FitzgeraldTheodora FitzgibbonJean FlemingAngela ForbesCelia Fremlin

  • Olive GarnettEleanor Hughes GibbMaude Goldring
  • Evelyn Hose
  • Margaret Iles
  • Cicely Fraser Simon


Have you read books by any of these women?  Can you enlighten me with any further information about them?