Readathons & Readalongs

The Literary Sisters Readathon: 17th to the 23rd of February 2014
Kirsty’s totals: Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Four | Day Five | Day Six | Day Seven

Truman Capote Readathon: July and August 2014
Kirsty’s reviews: The Grass Harp | Short Stories 1 | Breakfast at Tiffany’s | Short Stories 2 | Summer Crossing

BookTubeathon: July 2014
Kirsty’s wrap up video

Du Maurier December: December 2014
Kirsty’s reviews: The Rebecca Notebook and Other Memories | Murder on the Cliffs by Joanna Challis | Neverland by Piers Dudgeon | The Rendezvous and Other Stories | The Other Rebecca by Maureen Freely | I’ll Never Be Young Again | Mary Anne | The Infernal World of Branwell Bronte | Don’t Look Now and Other Stories | The King’s General | The Progress of Julius | The Blue Lenses and Other Stories | Hungry Hill | The Glass-Blowers | Daphne du Maurier: A Daughter’s Memoir by Flavia Leng | The Flight of the Falcon | The Doll: Short StoriesThe Winding Stair | Rebecca’s Tale by Sally Beaumont | Rule Britannia

Bout of Books 13.0: May 2015
Kirsty’s wrap up video

Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon: April 2015
Kirsty’s wrap up video

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