Non-Fiction November

I have taken part in Non-Fiction November – in which the aim is to actively try to read more non-fiction than one would ordinarily – for some years now, and always enjoy the process. Whilst I review quite a few works of non-fiction each year, and think I have struck a nice balance between it and fiction, both here and in my reading life, I have not made an effort to theme blog content around it before.

This year, I wanted to do something a little different. Therefore, each review posted during the month of November will be of a non-fiction title. These are not books which I will be reading this November – oh, the joys of scheduling posts ahead of time! – but ones which I have very much enjoyed in recent months. I have tried to vary their content as much as possible, to show just how wonderful non-fiction can be, and how it can appeal to every taste.

With that said, I very much hope that you enjoy the themed Non-Fiction November content, and that you feel inspired to pick up a factual tome or two during the month. Please let me know if you do!

One thought on “Non-Fiction November

  1. I happen to have the odd NF title which I plan to read this month though NFN wasn’t on my mind, just novellas and speculative fiction. But I look forward to the offerings you will have lined up!

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