Authors I Would Like To Read This Year

I have not made myself a yearly reading list for quite some time now.  During 2020, I enjoyed the freedom of being able to pick up books whenever I wanted to, without having to think about whether they fitted into a challenge which I was participating in.

book-resolutions2Although I am going to be continuing my freer reading going forward, I do have a tentative list of authors whose work I want to at least start during 2021.  Whilst I am not going to force myself to pick up a book by every single one of these authors, I have written out a copy of the list in my reading journal, which I can refer to throughout the year.  I feel that this will allow me to do something which offers a little structure, whilst still allowing me the choice of book which I pick up by each author.

Without further ado, my list is as follows:

  • J.M. Coetzee
  • Anne Enright
  • Richard Ford
  • L.P. Hartley
  • Amy Hempel
  • Attica Locke
  • Rohinton Mistry
  • V.S. Naipaul
  • Vikram Seth
  • Anthony Trollope
  • A.N. Wilson
  • Lidia Yuknavitch

I am sure that there are more authors to be added to this list, but I wanted to keep it as manageable as possible, in the hope of being motivated enough to make my way through it.

Have you read any books by these authors?  Which would you recommend?  Do you have any particular authors in mind to focus on this year?

9 thoughts on “Authors I Would Like To Read This Year

  1. Hello Kirsty. I have read Anne Enright, L P Hartley, and a lot of Trollope. I would recommend them without reserve. I also read V S Naipaul but a long time ago. I mustn’t have like him or I’d remember! As regards Trollope, The Palliser Novels were great fun, I thought, and also The Way We Live Now, which is a stand alone book. Have a good look at his list. I hope you enjoy whichever you begin with. It’s always great when you discover you like an author and he/she has many books for you to look forward to.

    • I’m considering taking Naipaul off the list entirely, having recently read some awful comments which he’s made… I think I’ll try ‘The Way We Live Now’ on your recommendation – thanks so much!

  2. I happen to have Barchester Towers waiting as my first Trollope, but none of the other authors have featured in my reading — yet. Good luck with all of these, Kirsty, though I fear it’d be years (if ever) before I’d get around to most of them.

    • Thank you! I’m going to try my best to get to them all and report on my progress later in the year, but I must admit I’ve just read a few unsavoury comments written by V.S. Naipaul, so am considering scrubbing him from the list…

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