Going Forward

As those of you who have been following The Literary Sisters for a while know, I used to post book reviews and other bookish content every single weekday, scheduling the posts weeks ahead like the organised woman I am.  Recently, I went down to three posts a week, published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as maintaining such a high post load was quite time-consuming.

71ljobq9s2blI have been thinking of late, however, of going down to two posts a week, and have decided to do so.  The reviews and bookish content which I will post here going forward will be published every Monday and Thursday.  I have less time than I envisioned to review at present, and by the time I am in full time employment, will have far less time than I do now.

I am going to be moving in the next couple of months, and will probably have an inevitable few weeks without the Internet until we get everything sorted out.  Full time employment will also inevitably mean that I have less time to read and review, and consequently less books which I am able to review.

I will endeavour to post at least one fresh book review each week, and will have the odd book list, Book Trail series, and ‘One From the Archive’ posts as usual, from time to time.  I definitely want to maintain this blog, as I’ve spent rather a few years here, and love the community which it has made me part of.  However, I think three posts per week will really be pushing it when I have far less time to blog, and hope you can all understand this.  The changes will be put in place from the start of June.

Many thanks,

9 thoughts on “Going Forward

  1. Kirsty, I have struggled to post my usual 3 times a week now I am full time at work too. I hope going down to 2 posts helps you and all the best with the full time job and the house move. 🙂

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