Challenge-Free 2019

Each year since I have been seriously recording my reading, and particularly since I have been blogging, I have decided to participate in year-long reading challenges.  This year’s Around the World in 80 Books challenge took me only four months to complete, but in the past, I have tended to get a little bored by the challenges which I set myself several months beforehand, and other, non-challenge reading has taken over instead.  This issue has been complicated further by my studies; I had so much to read whilst doing my Master’s that I wanted to make the most of the reading which I was able to do in my spare time, and did not want to have to adhere too much to challenge conventions.


From Goodreads

Despite the evident interest which reading challenges give me (for the first few months of the year, at least!) I have decided that I will not set myself any reading goals during 2019.  I want to be able to pick up books as and when I feel like reading them, rather than having to squeeze in books I am not as interested in, just because they contribute to a particular challenge.  I will also have far less time in which to read during 2019, as I will be working full-time and expect to be commuting every weekday.

I am taking part in a project with my sister, in which we are going to be ticking off every book mentioned in the Gilmore Girls, a series which she loved.  I engineered the challenge in order to encourage her to read, but she is adamant that she’s going to watch as many dramatised versions as she can find, and then read only what she can’t get hold of on Netflix…  I will, of course, be reading each title.  Our deadline goal is the end of 2020, so it should be doable!

I will be participating in the Goodreads yearly challenge, merely in terms of a set number of books which I want to read, although I haven’t decided on my goal yet.  In 2018, I let my mother select it for me; she went for 275 books.  The number which I settle for will more than likely be far lower next year.  I want to set myself a reachable goal whilst still challenging myself, but have no idea how many books I will be likely to get through.

What are your personal experiences with reading challenges?  Do you like to participate in them, or do they detract from the enjoyment which reading should bring you?  What are your goals for reading during 2019?

6 thoughts on “Challenge-Free 2019

  1. I love the GG challenge like the one you are doing! It is very creative, and obviously very different from usual reading challenges! BTW, While I am always ‘book’ first, there are always books on tape if you are commuting so much.

  2. I fail miserably with reading challenges so mostly I now set myself none. If there are events going on that interest me I try to drop in if it fits. But I never beat myself up about it – the main thing is to enjoy the reading! 😀

  3. Oh yeah, I don’t usually do reading challenges. I think I got up to about 40 in one year, I don’t always keep track. Go check my blog. I have been reviewing books as I read them this year, I am only at about 16. But I’m ok with that. I go back and forth between fiction and non-fiction, plus I rea a ton for work. The only challenge I have been doing for myself started many years ago – I am reading a biography of every president – in order! But I don’t read them back to back because 1)there are too many other books I want to read, and 2)OMG – they are a lot to take in. So I need a break in between, not to mention, sometimes hard to find.

  4. I don’t blame you having a challenge-free 2019, Kirsty – while they are often good fun they can also become a frustrating obligation. I cut back considerably this year, but must confess to enjoying Margaret Atwood Reading Month, 1944 Club (it’s 1965 next) and Nonfiction November, which I was able to combine with my other reading commitments.

    Your Gilmore Girl project sounds like fun. Hope you find some time to read for pleasure next year! 😊

  5. I’m TERRIBLE at reading challenges. They are interesting for about a month before I forget about them completely. The only one I manage to hit pretty consistently is the Goodreads challenge, because I set it at 50 each year.

    The Gilmore Girls challenge sounds fun and I hope you enjoy it!

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