Lit Titbits (4)

I’ve not made one of these posts for ages, having been concentrating on writing my thesis, but I thought that I would collect together several interesting literary links for your perusal.

  1. The Telegraph‘s list of the ‘top ten most famous books we never finish’ (here)
  2. Charlotte Moore’s lovely review of Mansfield by C.K. Stead from 2004 (here)
  3. Buzzfeed’s ’20 Literary Facts to Impress Your Friends With’ (here)
  4. ‘The Author’s Bookshelf: Jonathan Safran Foer’ from The Strand (here)
  5. Olivia Laing’s Guardian article about Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca eighty years on (here)
  6. 5 Cornish Literary Highlights to work into future trips on Visit Cornwall’s website (here)

3 thoughts on “Lit Titbits (4)

  1. Interesting links, thanks for sharing! The Guardian article makes me want to reread Rebecca and check out Laing’s own books.

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