TBR Goals

Some of you may remember that I embarked on Project Read My Own Books (post here) a couple of years ago, in order to reduce my looming to-read pile.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and vowed that I would endeavour to keep my TBR as small as I could afterwards.  I have had a tendency in the past to buy lots whenever I go book shopping, and then do not tend to get around to picking up those tomes for quite a while afterwards.  The same happens on my Kindle; I have a few purchased books on my device which I have yet to read, as with the likes of Netgalley, they sometimes get sidelined.


From http://www.pinterest.com; largely representative of the size of my current TBR…

I have therefore set myself some TBR goals.  Whether this will work or not, I do not know at this juncture, but I have been trying to read through all of the books which I own before buying any more.  My birthday is next week, and I know full well that I am receiving the box set of the fifty new Penguin Mini Modern Classics (yay!), so my TBR count will spiral considerably.

However, I want to get myself to around the 15-20 books mark on my to-read pile as soon as I possibly can.  I think with a manageable number such as this, which will hopefully never exceed the 20 (here’s hoping!), that I will be able to manage the books which I own a little better, and get through them within weeks of adding them to my pile, rather than months (or years…).  This marker will also stop me having to put myself on book-buying bans, which, let’s face it, never work, and simply make me more eager to browse and buy!  I will also be able to concentrate on reading a lot of the books which I have earmarked on various to-read lists, and have not yet got to.

In order to chart my progress, I will be making monthly, or bi-monthly posts detailing the number of books on my TBR on the first, the number of books read from it, and the number added.  How do you think I will fare with having a smaller TBR?  Do you have similar goals yourself?

6 thoughts on “TBR Goals

  1. I probably need to set some TBR goals for myself as well… I probably have 100 books I haven’t read. I’m interested to see your update posts! Maybe it’ll motivate me to read my TBR instead of Harry Potter or ACOTAR for like the 30th time.

    • It hasn’t been going too well thus far… I think I’ll put up my first update at the end of July, to see if I can actually read more than I add…

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