Virago Week

podcastbuttonviragoI am taking the time to celebrate Virago next week.  I feel that this will be a lovely celebration of their wonderful books, and ties in nicely with their fortieth birthday celebrations, too.  I know that many of us bloggers love the work which they publish, with regard to their reissues of forgotten novels by women, new novels and pieces of non-fiction by a wonderful and diverse group of authors, and their marvellous Virago Modern Classics list.  Whilst, due to time constraints, all of the reviews which I will be showcasing this week have been published here at The Literary Sisters before, I hope that they will whet your appetite enough to go and seek out more wonderful Viragos.

Which are your favourite Virago books, and which are currently on your TBR pile?

4 thoughts on “Virago Week

  1. I’m a relative latecomer to Virago titles, but have become addicted. I’ve worked through much of Rosamond Lehmann, who’s become a firm favourite, and Rebecca West, almost as good. Barbaras Pym and Comyns are great fun. Shame they got rid of those green covers, and nice to see the spines at least in the new reprints have returned to it.

    • I need to read more of Lehmann’s books; thanks for the reminder! I agree about the green spines; there’s nothing nicer than walking into a bookshop and seeing whole shelves of them.

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