Translation Database

I’m sure many readers will have come across the wonderful Translation Database, created by Chad W. Post, and promoted by Three Percent, a resource for international literature at the University of Rochester.  Three Percent is so called because of an ‘oft-cited statistic’; that only three percent of books published in America have been translated.  You can find the database, both in full, and broken down by publication year, here.

Upon first glance, the full database is rather an overwhelming resource, but I am determined to use it more from this year onwards.  I am going to try and incorporate as much translated literature as I can into my Around the World in 80 Books challenge, and cannot think of a better, or more comprehensive, list to help me do so.

With that in mind, I thought that I would take next week to showcase some wonderful looking works of translated literature which I have not come across elsewhere, and which have really piqued my interest.  I hope that you enjoy the diversity of the picks, and feel inspired to check out the database (or perhaps just part of it!) yourself, to influence your own reading this year.

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