Reading the World: An Ending

The eagle eyed amongst you will realise that I have not journeyed to South America or Australasia yet, but there is a reason for this; I have read very little set within either region, vast as they are.  Should you have any recommendations for me set on either continent, I would be very grateful.



All that is left for me to say is thank you so much for armchair travelling with me; it’s been a wonderful journey!  I shall leave you with a few questions, should you wish to answer them.

  1. Has this project inspired you to read any more widely?
  2. Which are your favourite countries (and continents) to read about?
  3. Do you like to read translated fiction?  If so, what was the last book you read which you very much enjoyed?
  4. If you could take a reader around the world using just ten books, which would you choose, and why?

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