Saturday Poem: ‘Saying Goodbye to my Daughter at Night’ by Patricia Ace

The sound down low, the impossible blue
of the Water Cube in Beijing filling the screen.

A young diver stands on the board,
toes spread wide, heels edged over the brink.
His ribcage billows out and in as he lifts
his arms into an arrowhead. 

I take my daughter and hold her close,
hug her to me until I don't know where 
my body ends and hers begins – as stream 
joins river, river meets sea – until we are 
back where we started; the aqueous cradle
I know neither of us can ever really leave.

Headlights send their beams across the ceiling.

Back in Beijing, the boy arcs through air,
spinning like a bobbin on a loom.
Slices the water with hardly a splash.

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