Quirky Reads: Recommendations Please!

I am a big fan of the quirky in literature, where things contain a good dose of unexpected magical realism, or where a perspective which deviates from the norm has been used to good effect, for example.  I am looking for some recommendations of quirky and exciting books to help me through the dissertation period – whether fiction or non-fiction, I don’t mind – and thought that you lovely fellow readers might be able to help me.

What have you read recently which you would describe as quirky?  Which book(s) features your favourite unusual perspective, or narrative voice?  Thank you in advance!


10 thoughts on “Quirky Reads: Recommendations Please!

  1. Hmmm, you’ve probably read all the ones I’m thinking of, but here goes:
    Alan Bennett: The Uncommon Reader, Nina Stibbe’s Love Nina or Man at the Helm, The Clockwork Siren trilogy by Katie Hayoz (they are all quite slim, so it’s not too big a trilogy).

    • Fabulous, thank you! I tried to read ‘If on a Winter’s Night…’ in my teens and got a little frustrated and perplexed by it all, but I think it’s definitely time to give it another go!

  2. I’m not sure that I would classify them as quirky (but maybe??) but I really enjoyed ‘Sorcery and Cecelia’ (and its two sequels, although the first book easily stands alone) by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. Any book whose secondary title is ‘The Enchanted Chocolate Pot’ gets a vote from me! 😉 And speaking on Patricia Wrede, her Dragon books are also great fun.

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