To-Read Lists

I have reached crisis point; I am about to near the end of my third chunky to-read notebook.  If I am to fit everything I have found around the Internet, in libraries, and recommendations from friends, in to my future reading, I will probably have to stay alive until I am about 150…

This has led me to a question.  How do you organise your to-read lists?  Do you often find yourself perusing them before going to the library or on a book-shopping spree, or do you prefer to have them as a reference point for a rainy day, and just browse?  How many notebooks, spreadsheets, or Goodreads shelves, have you filled with the titles and authors of books you want to read?  How do you then go through these lists to ensure that everything you have read has been identified?

5 thoughts on “To-Read Lists

  1. I’ve carried to-read lists around for years, in varying sizes, but they do get smaller if you actually read the books off the list….. I find it useful to actually have a look at the books in shops too, if you can, and then if you get the impression by flicking the first few pages that you might not actually enjoy the book, you can then at least cross it off and reduce the mountains of volumes you want to one day get round to!

    • Haha, I need to get reading books I’ve already noted down! It may well be my project as soon as I’ve finished reading all of my own books. I love the idea of reading in shops; I’ve never thought of that before!

  2. I have many lists, but the one I find the most useful is the one on my library’s website. Everything in stock goes on that list and when I have space on a my ticket I order in what appeals to me that day.If the book isn’t what I hoped it would be it goes back again and if I find that I want a copy to keep the book goes on another list on Goodreads.

  3. I only use my goodreads list. If I’m at the library or in a bookstore I go through it to see if they have anything on the list and to sort out what I’m currently interested in reading. When I log a book as read, it’s automatically removed from the shelf.

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