Neglected Women Writers’ Month: Elizabeth Cambridge

Elizabeth Cambridge was born Barbara K. Webber in 1893, in Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire.  Much of her childhood was spent in Plymouth and Westgate-on-Sea and, like many privileged girls of her generation, she was sent to finishing school in Paris.

elizabeth_cambridge_1Working under the pseudonym Elizabeth Cambridge, Barbara published her first collection of short stories at the age of seventeen.  Before her marriage to Dr. G.M. Hodges, she worked as a Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse.  After the birth of three children, she turned to writing again in 1930, and the only of her novels currently in print, Hostages to Fortune, was published in 1933.  She wrote five further novels, which I have been unable to find any information about.

“She seemed determined to be human also; to like people, even though they were stupid.”
(Virginia Woolf on Amber Reeves)

– Some wonderful reviews of Hostages to Fortune have been written by Harriet Lane, Lady in the Dark, and the lovely HeavenAli.


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