Neglected Women Writers’ Month: Elizabeth Robins Pennell

Born in 1855 and raised in Philadelphia, Elizabeth Robins Pennell settled in London as an adult, and moved back to the States towards the end of the First World War.  She and her husband settled in New York City, and following his death, she moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan, where she died in 1936.


Sketch of Elizabeth Robins Pennell by her husband, Joseph

Elizabeth Robins Pennell led an exciting life, and has been described as ‘an adventurous, accomplished, self-assured, well-known columnist, biographer, cookbook collector, and art critic’.  She was a prolific author, her work spanning a wealth of genres, and also penned travelogues, lives of authors, and explorations into art, amongst others.  She was passionate about cycle tourism, and she and her husband acquired a tandem cycle, with which they rode to Canterbury to pay homage to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

“Banish the onion from the kitchen and the pleasure flies with it.”

A full bibliography of her work, along with links to many of the works, can be found here.  (NB. Unfortunately, Wikipedia seemed to be the best source to link to; I can only apologise.)

– Images from the Library of Congress’ Joseph and Elizabeth Robins Pennell collection can be viewed here.
Here, Cynthia D. Bertelsen writes of ‘The Long, Delicious Shelf Life of Elizabeth Robins Pennell.
– A bibliography of Elizabeth Robins Pennell’s cookbook collection can be found here.


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