Neglected Women Writers’ Month: Alice Perrin

Alice Perrin was born in India in 1867, daughter of General John Innes Robinson of the Bengal Cavalry.  She was educated in England, and married engineer Charles Perrin in 1886.  The couple lived in India for the next sixteen years, and had a son rather wonderfully named Lancelot.

Alice-Perrin-300x296Alice Perrin embarked upon a successful career as an Anglo-Indian novelist and short story writer, publishing a two-volume novel entitled Into Temptation in 1894.  In 1901, her first short story collection, East of Suez, appeared.

Alice’s final novel, Other Sheep (1932), was published two years before her death in Switzerland.  Over the span of her career, she published seventeen novels, many of which are concerned with the British colonial influence and experience within India.

Alice Perrin’s bibliography can be found here.

– The Short Review’s thoughts on East of Suez can be found here.


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