Neglected Women Writers’ Month: Laura Talbot

Laura Talbot was the pen name of Lady Ursula Winifred Chetwynd-Talbot, who was known as ‘La’ to her friends.

Born in 1907, to Viscount Charles Chetwynd-Talbot and his wife Winifred, La was married four times.  In 1930, she became the wife of Hector Stewart, and in 1942, of Lieutenant Michael Burton Stewart.  In 1954, La married Patrick Hamilton, with whom she had been having an affair, and finally, Dr. William James in December 1964.  She and her last husband were tragically killed in an air accident in August 1966.


  • The Gentlewomen (1952)
  • The Elopement (1958)

– Merle Rubin’s ‘A trio of elegant English novels for the Anglophile’ speaks about Talbot’s Virago-published The Gentlewomen.
– A series of newspaper articles about Lady Ursula Chetwynd-Talbot can be found here, including one of her wedding announcements.


5 thoughts on “Neglected Women Writers’ Month: Laura Talbot

  1. Fascinating! I knew of Talbot’s name thanks to her Virago title but I had no idea she’d been married to Patrick Hamilton!

      • Having read some Hamilton, I really can’t imagine that his work is anything like I perceive hers to be – could be very interesting!

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