Neglected Women Writers’ Month: Lorna Rea

Lorna Rea is another relatively mysterious author within the confines of this project.  I have never seen any of her books for sale and, with the exception of Rachel Moon, was not familiar with any of her titles either.

Born in 1897, Lorna Smith was educated at Newnham College, Cambridge, and married Philip Russell Rea in 1922.  Little more is known about her life.

I have tried to found out more about her, but to no avail.  Aside from Six Mrs. Greenes, published in March 1929, and the aforementioned Rachel Moon (1931), my search has been fruitless.  There are no photographs which I have come across, and no information about her other publications, her family life, or her contribution to literary Britain.

Do you know anything about Lorna Rea, or are you lucky enough to have read one of her books?



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