Neglected Women Writers’ Month: Elinor Mordaunt

Elinor Mordaunt was also known as Evelyn May Clowes and Evelyn May Mordaunt, and worked as an author.  She was a passionate traveller, living in Mauritius, Australia, the East Indies, and the Canary Islands.  Information about her can be come by, but it is difficult to find an extensive bibliography, or any quotes from her books.

scan0018Born to a large family in Nottinghamshire in May 1872, Evelyn May Clowes grew up in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.  In 1897, she travelled to Mauritius, and the following year, she married there, returning to England when relations with her husband dissolved.  Evelyn then travelled to Melbourne, editing a women’s fashion paper, making blouses, designed gardens, and wrote short stories and articles, amongst others.  She died in Oxford in 1942.

– The Australian Dictionary of Biography’s entry on Elinor Mordaunt can be found here.
– Sheffield Hallam University’s Reading 1900-1950 project has reviewed Mordaunt’s 1902 work, The Garden of Contentment, here.


2 thoughts on “Neglected Women Writers’ Month: Elinor Mordaunt

  1. I really like this little series – must make a note of all these amazing women! I love to hear about women in ye olde days who travelled a lot – so fascinating.

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