Project: Reading Around Scotland

From past experience, I have found that reading projects really structure my choice of books nicely.  Granted, there are several which I have joined in with and not completed (largely due to time constraints, granted), but I have devised a new plan.  Over the next three and a half years, I want to read around Scotland.  (Yes; there is a reason behind this, which shall be revealed in my February Wrap-Up).

Of the Scottish literature and non-fiction which I have read to date, I have largely loved it. I am particularly struck by works written in dialect.  This will not be a rigid project, and I will allow myself to read other books too, whether for dissertations or personal reading.  I just want to have a focus, really, and it helps that there are so many wonderful Scottish authors whom I’ve never read (Janice Galloway, for instance – how has that happened!?).

Whilst I will largely be relying upon libraries for this project, I would love to hear which your favourite works by Scottish authors are, and which books you have particularly enjoyed which are set there, so that I can make a master list of sorts.


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