Dorothy Richardson and her husband Alan Odle

I am all about modernist fiction, particularly when it is written by and about women.  I find it fascinating, and adore the stream-of-consciousness style which was pioneered at the time.  I have found two incredibly interesting Guardian articles about the rising popularity of Dorothy Richardson, and May Sinclair, the so-called ‘readable modernist’, which I wanted to share.

It’s question time…
Are you a fan of modernist literature?  Which is your favourite modernist work?  Have you read any Richardson or Sinclair novels, and what did you think of them?  Which single work would you recommend to someone who is just starting out in the reading of modernism?


7 thoughts on “Modernism

  1. I love modernist lit and would probably put Woolf and Richardson top of the list. I’ve still to read May Sinclair, but I really must!

  2. I’ve always been a little wary of modernism, but I’ve learned that with the right writer it can be wonderful. I love Dorothy Richardson and I’ve liked May Sinclair, but I’ve found her work a little uneven. My feeling is that she was reaching to do what Richardson did, but she couldn’t quite get there.

  3. I’ve loved the work of Virginia Woolf for a long time but have only just discovered Dorothy Richardson. I’ve just read the first two novels in her series ‘Pilgrimage’ and they are wonderful. May Sinclair, I’ve not heard of – I ‘ll have to remedy that! 🙂

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