Books of the Year 2015 (Part One)

It is perhaps a little late to be posting a list of the best books which I read in 2015, but with going on holiday and starting back at University, I haven’t really had chance to collate anything as yet!  I began some not so good books last year, certainly, but since I decided to give up on reading tomes if they have failed to hook me by page fifty, I can honestly say that my final reading list for the year was filled with some absolute gems.  I have split this into three parts so that I can really make the most of book recommendations (and I’m sure it will be refreshing to not have to read yet another ‘One From the Archive’ post for a few days!).

The books below are in no particular order, other than they follow the pattern in which I read them in.  I haven’t split them up into fiction or non-fiction, or different genres, so please forgive me if you are a more organised reader than I!  I believe that all of the following reads will grip and intrigue, and the stories which they present – made up or otherwise – are sure to stick with you for some time.  Rather than copy the blurbs, or write my gushing thoughts about them, I have merely typed up a little list, but if blog reviews exist, I have linked them accordingly.
1. The Idiot – Fyodor Dostoevsky (fiction; Wordsworth Classics) – thoughts
2. The Goldfinch – Donna Tartt (fiction; Little, Brown and Company)
3. When I Forgot – Elina Hirvonen (fiction; Granta) 9781846148484
4. The Lowland – Jhumpa Lahiri (fiction; Bloomsbury)
5. Through the Woods – Emily Carroll (graphic novel; Margaret K. McElderry Books) – thoughts (BookTube)
6. Ragnarok – A.S. Byatt (fiction; Canongate)
7. East of Eden – John Steinbeck (fiction; Penguin) – thoughts (BookTube)
8. The Years – Virginia Woolf (fiction; Oxford World’s Classics)
9. Tove Jansson: Work and Love – Tuula Karjalainen (non-fiction; Penguin) – thoughts
10. Diving Belles – Lucy Wood (short stories; Bloomsbury) – thoughts (BookTube)
11. A Murder is Announced – Agatha Christie (fiction; HarperCollins)
12. Cold Spring Harbor – Richard Yates (fiction; Vintage) – thoughts
13. Confronting the Classics – Mary Beard (non-fiction; Profile Books Ltd.) – thoughts (BookTube)
14. Fun Home – Alison Bechdel (graphic novel; Houghton Mifflin)
15. The Fellowship of the Ring – J.R.R. Tolkien (fiction; HarperCollins) – thoughts | thoughts (BookTube)
16. A Very Long Engagement – Sebastien Japrisot (fiction; Vintage) – thoughts (BookTube)
17. Family Roundabout – Richmal Crompton (fiction; Persephone) – thoughts (BookTube)
978000723020418. Giovanni’s Room – James Baldwin (fiction; Penguin) – thoughts
19. Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel (fiction; HarperCollins)
20. Someone at a Distance – Dorothy Whipple (fiction; Persephone) – thoughts
21. A Russian Journal – John Steinbeck (non-fiction; Penguin)
22. Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman – Friedrich Christian Delius (fiction; Peirene) – thoughts (BookTube)
23. Her – Harriet Lane (fiction; Orion) – thoughts (BookTube)
24. And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie (fiction; HarperCollins) – thoughts
25. Time’s Arrow – Martin Amis (fiction; Vintage)

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!

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