Death to the TBR: No More Unnecessary Book Buying

Back in August, the marvellous Katie and I challenged ourselves to not buy any more books for the rest of the year, unless we need them for our studies.  So far, I am doing marvellously, and haven’t purchased a single unnecessary tome – shock horror!  I confess that I have not been the best person in terms of self-restraint in the past, and have failed at almost any book-buying ban which I have put myself on.  This time, though, it feels wonderful to have the support of a good friend, and I am hoping that we can both make according dents into our packed TBR shelves.  I am – rather dramatically, I feel – titling this project ‘Death to the TBR’, and shall aim to get through as many as I can in the next few months.

Have you challenged yourself to read a number of your TBR books before purchasing more?  Or alternatively, do you buy books as you see and want them?


15 thoughts on “Death to the TBR: No More Unnecessary Book Buying

  1. i did try what I called my TBR diet – I was allowed only one treat (buying a book) for every 4 I lost (i.e. read). that was the plan but just like most diets it didn’t last long. If you can do it, then good on you. but I don’t consider any book purchase ‘unnecessary’… LOL

  2. How can I not reply to this post?! I haven’t bought myself a book now in almost 20 months. I didn’t think I could do it but there it is. I have bought books from other people, used the library and been bought books as gifts though so it’s not as bad as it sounds. The main thing my ban has taught me is that I was completely unselective in my book buying. A book you think you need to have because everyone else is reading it can often lose it’s appeal if you wait a month or too. Who knows how much longer I’ll last? At least I’ve saved some cash!

  3. For me it’s not just buying which I do almost every week. It’s the library. Every so often I put a ban on reading library books until I read one I own. It seldom works.

    • I’ve already failed miserably at this, BUT I did buy all of my recent books from an Oxfam Bookshop, so I figure the helping of such a good charity cancels out the fact that I didn’t need any books.

  4. I wish I had your willpower! My TBR pile is so huge, but I cannot stop buying them! Just today I posted a book haul…13 books in the last two weeks…it’s terrible! I admire you 🙂

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! Unfortunately my own willpower failed the day before this post went up, and I ended up buying eleven books in one bookshop.

  5. I had 40 books on my TBR at the start of summer. I wanted to get it down to 30. I did and then I bought so many books so now I’m back at 42:/

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