20 Books of Summer: An Abandoned Book!

I was so looking forward to reading everything on my 20 Books of Summer list – yes, even the more daunting titles which I included.  One which sounded fascinating – Aminatta Forna’s The Memory of Love – disappointed me so much, however, that I was unable to complete it.

I hadn’t read any of Forna’s work before, but was really looking forward to doing so.  I adore contemporary literature, particularly when it introduces me to time periods and countries which I have not personally experienced. Sierra Leone in the late 1960s and 1990s, the setting which has been utilised here, is one such example.

It surprises me that I could so dislike a book which has been shortlisted for the Orange Prize (now the Baileys Women’s Prize), and which won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best Book.  It has been incredibly well reviewed too, by authors whom I very much admire (Kiran Desai, I’m looking at you).  I sadly found the whole so disengaging, and the third and first person perspectives which have been used alternately throughout are flat and rather lacklustre.  The Memory of Love, for me, was nowhere near as good as I was expecting, and as I did not find Forna’s writing very strong at all, I doubt that I will pick up another of her books in future.

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5 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer: An Abandoned Book!

  1. Hi, just wanted to say I totally agree with you about the memory of love. I heard rave reviews about it on the radio so downloaded it onto my kindle & sooooooo disappointed. I also gave up by 150pages.😮🔫 Life’s to short to stick with a book that doesn’t grip you & too many others out there to read with so little time. Love your review btw 😊📚📚

  2. I am in the same boat as you, two of the books I have started for 20 books of summer have been complete let downs, I did plan to go back to them but one of them it almost feels like ti physically hurts to read it. I think I will try one more chapter of each and then give up if there’s no improvement.

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