Sunday Movie: ‘The Eclipse’ (2009) (Ireland Month)

The final movie I decided to watch as part of the Reading Ireland Month, hosted by Cathy746books and The Fluff Is Raging, is The Eclipse.

Directed by Conor McPherson and realeased in 2009, The Eclipse is a pretty difficult movie to talk about. Taking place in a beautiful and misty Irish seaside town, Cobh, the movie relates the story of Michael Farr who, after losing his wife (due to an illness possibly, though the circumstances are never really explained) has to learn how to adjust his life and take care of his two children. While volunteering in a literary festival organised in the town, he meets Lena Morelle, a successful novelist, whose work mainly centers around ghosts and supernatural experiences.

As Michael’s father also might be approaching death soon, he starts having some supernatural experiences himself, seeing the ghost of his father in unexpected places. Trying to deal with all of that, Michael also needs to confront Nicholas Holden, another novelist who has arrived in town for the festival, claiming Lena’s attention.

The movie is visually beautiful, showing some very pretty and magical landscapes of town Cobh. I keep on repeating in my posts for Ireland Month that Ireland is simply the most ideal place for such gothic and ghost stories to take place. The overall atmosphere of the movie, too, was rather haunting and mysterious, contributing to the plot in each own unique way. The pace of the movie was slow, and I could even say that it was a pretty quiet movie (apart from the few jump-scare scenes that were scattered here and there), but it all worked in a positive manner to the end result. It felt to me like a very ‘Ireland-like’ movie, if that makes any sense at all.

However, I felt that the movie was trying to be too many things at once, but ending up being none. The horror elements were too few for it to be called a horror movie, the romance was there but not really, and some more aspects of the movie could have been developed and emphasised a lot more.

Despite all that, it still was an enjoyable movie, and I’m glad I got to see yet another part of Ireland through it.


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