Graphic Novel: ‘In Search Of Lost Dragons’ by Élian Black’mor and Carine M ****

‘In Search of Lost Dragons’ is a graphic novel very different from all the others I have encountered so far. The storyline is rather simple, but the whole premise and especially the gorgeous illustrations and drawings adorning the book are so enticing and, in my opinion, what makes this book marvelous from start to finish. 24580295

The graphic novel is layed out as a travel diary (or personal notebook at times), narrating the story of the author as he embarks on a journey in which he discovers and stumbles upon many different kinds of dragons, which he illustrates and makes a list out of. He explores most of Europe, Scandinavia, as well as Asia, and the dragons he discovers in each place (like the people he encounters there) are so distinct and befitting to the particular setting. I found the general setting rather original and so well executed. I adored all the illustrations depicting the many different kinds of dragons the narrator came across on his travels, as well as various other creatures and mythical beings. The fact that the narrator chose to include tickets, show pamphlets, letters and newspaper clippings related to his search for dragons was quite excellent, as it enhanced the general feeling of reading the account of his adventures.

Most of the illustrations were absolutely stunning and some of the drawings were reminiscent of Tim Burton’s style of sketching. Apart from including a variety of pamphlets and tickets as part of his diary, the reader also notices some coffee cup stains being part of some of the papers and newspaper clippings included in the narrator’s archive, which is a detail I personally enjoyed a lot.

At times, I caught myself being more engrossed in the magnificence of the illustrations rather than the story itself, so I had to go back and reread certain passages in order to make sure I haven’t skipped any important part. I found it a bit difficult to read the text at times, due to the font, which was beautiful and very fitting to the mythical theme of dragons and the age this quest is set, but also quite tiring when reading it on screen instead of on a paper copy.

This book is definitely a treasure for any and all fantasy and folklore lovers, since it contains so much interesting information on dragons mainly but on some other fantastical creatures as well. It would be perfect to have this book in your library so you can go back to it at any given moment and read about a specific dragon species or simply admire the illustrations for the billionth time (because it is more than certain that you will).

7 thoughts on “Graphic Novel: ‘In Search Of Lost Dragons’ by Élian Black’mor and Carine M ****

      • It does. I especially love the attached scarlet bookmark. I like its color and that it reminds me of the cover when I use it to mark dark-colored pages.

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