9 thoughts on “BookTube: Reviews (One)

  1. I have East of Eden and I’ve been feeling a bit worried about it, but if you love it then I probably will too!
    Night and Day sounds interesting, but after Orlando, I really don’t want to read any more Woolf novels this year…. Her writing is lovely but I’ve really overdosed in the last month =(

    • I’m sure you will! There is so much good stuff in there, honestly. It seems very daunting, but once you start reading, it’s engrossing. I didn’t actually want to put it down. Part of that may be because Steinbeck is a total babe, but y’know. 😉

      Yes, I can see why you would want a break from it! ‘Orlando’ was my least favourite of her books. What did you think of it? A Woolfian overdose is probably far better than a lot of other authors I could think of, however. 😉

      • I keep getting put off by his reputation, but I’ve read “Of Mice and Men” and didn’t mind his style. I think I’ll give it a try somewhen when I have time!

        I haven’t read Orlando yet, I have to by the 24th though *groans*. I’m so sick of modernist writing, it isn’t funny. I need to cleanse my brain with something. A Woolfian overdose is better than other overdoses, but it remains an overdose!

      • I largely think he was a darling. A lovely, misunderstood darling. I hope you do; he’s well worth another go!

        Aww! Goodness me, I can see how that must be quite taxing! Have you had to read ‘Ulysses’ too? If so, you have my sympathy, you poor dear. Does it call for a haul of lovely antidote books, perhaps? 😉

      • He probably gets the reputation from being on the American set text lists for English lit… Books set for school readings usually do get a reputation, deserved or not.
        Already done the haul of antidotes! I went shopping yesterday and ohhhh, the books I got! I’m a happy lady 🙂 I got Purple Hibiscus because I thought I remembered you saying you liked it!
        I don’t have to read Ulysses, thank heavens! That would be far too terrible. Parade’s End is bad enough!

      • Ah, I see! I did like a lot of the books which I read for school, but my teacher completely ruined ‘Great Expectations’; she told us that it was filled with phallic symbols. Didn’t see it myself… Oh, wonderful! ‘Purple Hibiscus’ is such a good book – can’t wait to hear what you think of it! Thank goodness for small mercies, hey? I read ‘The Good Soldier’ a few years ago and could happily never read Ford again; you have just reinforced that for me. 😉

        (Also, sorry for the delay in emailing! Everything is a little hectic at present. I’ll try and catch up today/tomorrow, though.)

      • I haven’t even read The Good Soldier yet… I’m putting that off. Parade’s End is more than enough Ford for me!
        HAHAHAA Phallic symbols in Dickens?! Oh the irony. She probably just needed to get laid and started seeing penises everywhere 😛

        Don’t worry! I’ve been away anyway, now I’m madly trying to catch up on 4 days of missing work!

      • Haha! Do you *have* to read ‘The Good Soldier’? If so, I’m sorry if I’ve put you off it at all!

        HAHAHA, yes! The woman saw phallic symbols in everything. Even in William Blake’s ‘Songs of Innocence’ (surely the clue is in the title!?).

        Aww, best of luck with it! It’s amazing how things pile up, isn’t it? I hope you had an incredible weekend!

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