Saturday Poem: ‘Little World’ by Marina Tsvetaeva

Children – are staring of eyes so frightful,
Mischievous legs on a wooden floor,
Children – is sun in the gloomy motives,
Hypotheses’ of happy sciences world.

Eternal disorder in the ring’s gold,
Tender word’s whispers in semi-sleep,
On the wall in a cozy child’s room, the dreaming
Peaceful pictures of birds and sheep.

Children – is evening, evening on the couch,
In the fog, through the window, glimmer street lamps,
A measured voice of the tale of King Saltan,
Mermaid-sisters of seas from tales.

Children – is rest, brief moment of respite,
A trembling vow before God’s eyes,
Children – are the world’s tender riddles,
Where in the riddle the answer hides!

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