4 thoughts on “BookTube: Top Five and Favourites (November 2014)

    • Thank you, Marina! I’ve always loved poetry, but I’m finding myself drawn more and more to it of late. There are some absolutely fabulous poems out there, and it excites me that I have so many left to discover!

  1. Hi Kirsty! I really loved Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth! My friend and I are still wracking our brain over what that last word is that the main heroine and the man who was in love with her wanted to say to one another. It has been such a long time since I read anything by her that I think I may need to do so soon! Also one of my favorite things about November is the blog post you wrote about The Classics Club list you made and I am so happy you put Romola as number 10 on your list since I recommended it to you. That was so nice of you. Sincerely, Nora

    • Hi Nora! Oh, wonderful – I think I will have to give it a re-read in that case. I’m so pleased you like the list, and thanks so much for the recommendation! I have a copy of ‘Romola’ on my Kindle so am hoping to squeeze it in soon. I hope you’re having a wonderful December so far! x

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