Comic book: ‘Batman: Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader?’ ****

I am generally quite fond of comic books and graphic novels. So when my favourite super hero and one of my favourite authors come together, I simply can’t help but adore the result. 

I admit I’m rather biased when it comes to Neil Gaiman. I like everything he writes and sometimes I already know I’m going to like his work before I’ve even laid my eyes upon it. I knew Neil Gaiman was involved in comic book writing, but I had no idea he had written stories for Batman, a super hero I have adored since my childhood. That being said, I had high expectations from this book and it didn’t disappoint me. BM.WHCC.DJ.R1

The book consists of two chapters (and a wonderful introduction by Neil Gaiman) in which many of the well-known characters of the Batman universe come together in order to attend a funeral. Batman has died, and each of the characters will get up and narrate their own version of his death, each revealing a completely different approach to his character and attitude. 

It was certainly interesting to see the many different aspects of Batman’s character and also how each one of his friends or enemies perceived him until the very end. The solution given at the end was rather satisfying for me, however moving it may have been. The art was splendid throughout the comic book and I really loved the dark atmosphere that was created, since I believe it suited the story very well. 

I always find it somehow fitting for a super hero to have a kind of closure to his story. Usually, super heros never really die because otherwise they wouldn’t be super heros. I believe every story should have a proper ending to it, but one thing this book has proven is that every end is also a new beginning. 

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