8 thoughts on “BookTube: Discussion – Why I’m Not on Goodreads

  1. I avoid Goodreads simply because it’s owned by Amazon and I doubt its objectivity – I only look at it for suggested reading lists by topic! You can get everything you describe on LibraryThing and I find it a very friendly place – particularly the Virago Group! You have to pay but I took out a lifetime membership and it’s great!

  2. As you know Kirsty, I am still very much a Goodreads wallah. I feel so sorry that your experience with your wonderful group had strong negative elements. It was a very exciting group, and I felt there was something there for everyone.

    So far – touch wood – I have not experienced anything that pushes me away from Goodreads – except the fact it is now owned by Amazon (Booooooo!!!!!) And that is a major push in the wrong direction! Otherwise I am very happy there. I love the sophistication of it, and the nuances that enable you to set it up to best suit your preferences. I’ve also met some lovely people there – including you of course :0)

    • Thanks so much, Caroline! I do still miss being able to log on and comment on things, but it has allowed me to be confident in blogging, which can only be a plus. I’m so glad that your experiences there have only been positive ones! I would have hated to hear that the negativity was starting to seep through to you too.

      Since deciding never to use Amazon again, I’ve been buying a lot more things from independent sellers on Etsy and the like – it’s brilliant! 🙂

      • To my shame I am still limping along using vile Amazon, but before I buy any book there I check out Betterworld Books first… Often the price difference is so enormous, I just end up going back to Amazon eg £5.00 versus £20.00, or something like that. If I just dealt with Betterworld Books I would have to give up buying books altogether. They are often so much more expensive. I have never checked out Etsy though! Etsy does books????

      • It’s so sad, isn’t it? Amazon holds such a monopoly over everything that they make other prices seem excessive. Saying that, £20 is a lot for a book! Do you buy secondhand books? Etsy do sell books, but only ‘vintage’ ones, unfortunately. The postage costs are generally quite a lot too.

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