5 thoughts on “BookTube: Bookish Haul (August 2014)

    • I shall if I can! It looked fascinating. I may just have to take someone else with me! Thanks so much! Have you bought any lovely bookish things lately?

      • Only a few bits and bobs from the VW exhibition – Lytton Strachey fridge magnet, bookmark, postcards!

  1. How lovely to see your beautiful cards! I LOVE the way you have them pegged up across your bookcase too. I have collected cards – mostly sent to me by friends – for over 40 years! They are so precious to me. I rotate them on my kitchen shelves, but after seeing your video am wondering if I could do some pegging arrangement from the picture rail in my workroom. My faves I think were the Virginia Woolf photograph, and the CS Lewis book illustration.

    Can’t wait for your video about your non-fiction reads!

    • Thank you so much, Caroline! I’m so glad you love my postcard string! 🙂 They’re very inexpensive to make, and a great way to display things, I think. It’s so lovely that you collect postcards too, and I’d love to see some of them if you have any photographs! Thanks so much! I made a specific video about one non-fiction book which I read over the weekend, but I want to make more of them. 🙂

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