6 thoughts on “BookTube: Oxford Book Haul

  1. Wonderful finds! Muriel Spark and Colette are great – I have all those Penguin editions and that particular volume is lovely! Aren’t second hand Persephones a wonderful surprise when they turn up – why would anyone give them away?

    • Thank you so much! Lucky you having all of them! The Oxfam shop did have lots more, but I was thinking of having to lug them all the way around the city and then back home again. They are indeed! I’ve not come across any before, so I was quite surprised!

      • Mostly textbooks, unfortunately, I had to restrain myself! Textbooks over here are like triple the price and I needed to lug them all through Scotland and Ireland! I was luckily wearing my Docs! I have no idea how people walk on them all day or ride bikes across them!

      • Oh goodness! Well, I can only hope that they weren’t too difficult to transport around with you. That sounds incredibly sensible, and I shall be sure to don something more suitable next time I visit! Oh goodness, I know!

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