More Abandoned Books

Sadly, I have abandoned rather a few books of late, for various reasons.  Two of them at least were novels which I had read in an omnibus edition, so I do not feel too bad for not reading them again.  My list of recently abandoned books, and the reasons as to why, is as follows:

The Mandelbaum Gate by Muriel Spark – too focused upon religion for my liking; repetitive; not as absorbing as Spark’s other novels; the plot is slow; too long and overdone.
Tenterhooks and Love at Second Sight by Ada Leverson – collected as part of The Little Ottleys, which I have already read.
The Piazza Talesby Herman Melville – I started to read this only so that I could see what Melville’s writing was like; the grammatical errors, whether deliberate or not, were irritating; nothing jumped out and grabbed me.
City of Bones by Cassandra Clare – I purchased this only because it was recommended to me by April and seems to be very popular on BookTube, but it isn’t my thing at all; I do not like books about vampires or werewolves at all, and this features both; there is a gushing quote by Stephenie Meyer on the back cover which put me off; the first two chapters which I read were very slow; nothing interested me.
Ladders to Fire by Anais Nin – I adore Nin’s work, but this is part of the same series as The Four Chambered Heart, my least favourite of her books to date; her prose is stunning but the characters felt oddly flat; some of the erotica felt a little too overdone; the library book which I borrowed smells horribly of smoke, so I did not want to continue to read it.

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