‘The Little Vampire Moves In’ by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg ****

I adore ‘The Little Vampire’, and was so excited to read about more of his adventures.  This particular volume has been translated by Sarah Gibson, and darling pictures of Amelie Glienke’s have been included throughout.

‘The Little Vampire Moves In’

In The Little Vampire Moves In, Sommer-Bodenburg sets the scene immediately: ‘Tony was lying in his bath, reading ‘In the House of Count Dracula’, when the front door bell rang’.  The story ensues, with Rudolph, Tony’s vampire friend, having been banished from his family’s vault because he has ‘made friends with humans’ – an act which is ‘strictly forbidden for vampires’.  He turns up at Tony’s flat, hoping that his friend will allow him to live with him and his family.  He ends up bunking in the storeroom belonging to Tony’s flat, dragging his coffin bed along with the help of a strange cousin.

I love Sommer-Bodenburg’s sense of wit and humour, which has been used to great effect throughout: ‘Both she [his mother] and Tony’s father believed that the two characters [Rudolph and his sister Anna, the Little Vampires of the novel’s title] with their mouldering, smelly vampire-cloaks, were simply a couple of children who had delved a little too deeply into their mother’s dressing-up box’.  Later in the book, Rudolph drags Tony to a vampire ball, taking great delight in disguising him with talcum powder and his own clothes which, to Tony, smell ‘like coffin’.

The Little Vampire Moves In is quite a quick read, but it is just as entertaining for adults as it is for children.  The entirety of the novel has been very well translated.  It is not the best novel in the series, but it is a very good one nonetheless.


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