Sunday Snapshot: Poetry Collections

Today’s Sunday Snapshot focuses upon ten poetry collections, chosen for their marvellous titles alone.

1. there is something I can’t remember about the clouds – Sjón (1991)
2. A Man in the Divided Sea – Thomas Merton (1946)
3. From Snow to Snow – Robert Frost (1936)
4. Les fleurs du mal – Charles Baudelaire (1857)
5. Owl’s Clover – Wallace Stevens (1936)
6. Sad Dust Glories – Allen Ginsberg (1975)
7. The Museum of Lost Wings – Renee Ashley (2006)
8. Tulips and Chimneys – e.e. cummings (1923)
9. Winter Trees – Sylvia Plath (1971)
10. Wolfwatching – Ted Hughes (1989)

2 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Poetry Collections

  1. What a fabulous idea for a posting and yes, they are all wonderful. Mmmmmm do I have a favourite title ? I think it’s to to be “The Museum of Lost Wings”. So sad, but so wonderfully evocative.

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