‘The Iliad’ by Homer *****

I absolutely adore reading and learning about the Ancients, particularly the Greeks, but I’ve always put off reading The Odyssey and The Iliad. I think the sole reason for this relatively conscious decision was the way in which I thought both would be rather challenging and time-consuming reads. When I began The Iliad whilst in Menorca, however, I found that I was utterly mistaken. I was swept into the story immediately, and found it difficult to put down. (It must have looked as though I was practically glued to my Kindle for the duration, I’m sure).

Homer’s prose throughout is stunning, and his imagery is so incredibly powerful. I found the epic poem structure a glorious way in which to tell such a story. The poetic form gave every battle scene such rhythm and such marvellous power. The tale which Homer portrays is fierce and brutal, but it is also overwhelmingly gorgeous. It is sensuous throughout, and rather divinely written. The edition which I read was translated by Alexander Pope, and whilst I will never be able to compare it to the original text, I believe that he has rendered his translation with as much love and justice as he possibly could have.

It sounds ridiculous, I know, but I really feel as though I’ve achieved something in reading The Iliad. It’s one of the books I’ve wanted to read since I was about thirteen and saw my Grandfather’s beautiful hardback edition, but one which I’ve been too chicken to begin until now. Next project: The Odyssey.

8 thoughts on “‘The Iliad’ by Homer *****

  1. This post is a reminder that I must read Iliad too. I have E V Rieu’s prose version with me. I was in a second hand book store when I found this version. I almost began reading the book there and I realised how well-written the prose was. I just bought it without thinking if it was worth it. When I researched I found out that Rieu’s is one of the best prose versions. Glad to know you have finished Iliad πŸ™‚

  2. For anyone who has difficulty actually reading it there is a magnificent Audio version read by Anton Lesser. It kept me company on long journeys for the best part of a month and I was stricken when I finished it.

  3. You’re on a good path. The Iliad is the basis, the source, of nearly all Greek mythology. and it is the source and model for the rest of Western literature. And deservedly so.

  4. That’s funny…I just started The Odyssey last night! I, too, haven’t read either it or The Iliad yet. (I think you *have* accomplished something by reading it, especially if it’s something you’ve always meant to do.) I’m reading them out of order because mine is a review copy, but I’m hoping to go back and read the other soon.

    • Thank you Kelly! A review copy sounds lovely. I hope you’re enjoying it so far, and feeling as though you’re achieving something by reading it too. πŸ™‚

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