‘A Game of Hide and Seek’ by Elizabeth Taylor ****

On the face of it, A Game of Hide and Seek is a love story, but I found that it was far more than that.  I absolutely loved the way in which the novel began, with the vivid scene of a hide and seek game.  The imagery throughout is lovely, as is the way Taylor builds her scenes.  The social context was marvellous, particularly with regard to the Suffrage Movement, which I am endlessly fascinated by.

This is the first novel of Taylor’s which I’ve read, and I found that she presented the human psyche and differing relationships between her characters so well.  I warmed to the protagonist, Harriet, immediately, and by the end of the book I was longing to have a friend just like her.  The other characters, too, are marvellously drawn.  They are three dimensional and step off each page.

Not a lot happens in the novel in terms of plot, but the characters were so well done, that it didn’t really matter.  I am very much looking forward to getting through the rest of Taylor’s novels now, as I am sure that some real treats lie ahead.


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